If you’re here then there is no doubt you have no couple, no social life, no family, no friends, no Netflix. It’s ok for me, it’s even good for me as I could have some of your expertise on this pages. But as I do care about my readers, please find something better to do in your spare time!

Ok, so you want to contribute anyway. You must been feeling guilty for something you’ve done… Well, to do that steps are extremely simple.

  1. Fork this website’s repository on GitHub.
  2. Create a named post branch (i.e. the-best-post-ever).
  3. Write your post (please check the spelling).
  4. Remember to include your full name in the post.
  5. Submit a pull request.

You could include contact details in the post (a reference to your website or blog, your email address or any social network profile you’d like).

I trust you and will publish your post as it is (unless I find something really wrong). It will have YOUR name anyway.