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  • Enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace in Ubuntu
    I always liked the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination to kill the desktop environment in Linux, for different reasons, because the graphical interface just freezes or maybe because I reconfigured the desktop environment and it is a fast way to restart the X server. But since 10.04, Ubuntu has disabled this key combination.

  • The one second webserver
    I've found myself many times in the need to share something quickly with a colleague or a friend and ended up copying the files to an USB flash drive, sharing a folder in my computer or even creating and SSH user. Too much for such simple thing, and Python seems to think the same as it rescue us with just one single line.

  • My nerdish me
    Here I am, sitting in front of my computer, starting another blog... But this time is different for many reasons, as detailed below.