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  • Getting there!
    I'm writing this post on the plane which is taking me, my parents and my youngest sister from Buenos Aires to Paris. We've been on the plane for about five hours now and we have another eight hours left, but we're getting closer to Paris, we're getting there! And that fact made me reflect on the objectives I have in my life and whether I'm getting closer to meet them or not.

  • My childhood love
    One could open a debate among IT professionals and discuss for hours regarding technical aspects of different operating systems. Stability, security, usability, UI, CPU scheduling, memory and I/O management, networking performance, package managers... the list would be endless, as would be the arguments that supports one operating system or the other.

  • And the productivity prize winner is...
    I'm a productive eager person. I may start today doing a list of how many articles, applications, techniques and a long list of etceteras I've tried and it'll probably take some years to finish.

  • Sometimes things can go wrong
    One has a perfect night planned. Weeks waiting for the opportunity to go to that restaurant everybody is talking about and the moment has finally arrived. In your head, a delicious meal with an exquisite wine and in excellent company. A tasty dessert and a good sleep. You have the picture right there, in your mind, imagining every detail as you get ready to leave, but at the precise minute you're getting inside the car your cell phone starts ringing.

  • Poodle vulnerability means the end of SSLv3
    This year will surely be reminded as a year in which really serious vulnerabilities were discovered. It started in April with Heartbleed which was the one that exposed the private key used in the services running with OpenSSL as the protocol to encrypt communications, with that meaning that sysadmins needed not only to fix the bug but also to replace the certificates installed as they weren't to be trusted anymore.

  • Why reading would save you a lot of useless work
    One day, when I was in high school, one of my teachers gave us an unexpected exam with 20 exercises and 2 hours to solve it. He told us to read carefully every exercise before doing the test and he also told us that we could leave the class as soon as the test was finished. The test began with a general explanation insisting on reading everything before solving the exam.