This blog was first conceived to be my personal space to share my thoughts and experiencies about IT related stuff such as networking, servers and services, applications and development. However, as I’m not just an IT guy, you’d probably find here anything I’d like to share (in past times I would’ve created ten different blogs…).

Although I’m Spanish native speaking, I will write this blog in English as well, That will be a personal challenge and another way of learning and sharing, so if you see something I wrote sucks feel free to tell me (not limited just to my English knowledge).

Have in mind that I’ll not translate every post, in fact most of them will be written just in one language. Maybe you could also learn from that..

About me

I’ve started my IT degree at UNLP in 2005 at the age of 18 and I’ve been working as a Sysadmin since 2007. I loved servers and networks from the very beggining and it always was my area of interest, what limited my coding needs to plain bash scripts… and I was happy with that!

But the wind have changed. Nowadays we, Sysadmins, are turning into a new role which happens to be called DevOps, in which my powerful bash scripts are not enough and coding skills become more important. That means a new challenge to face!

I’m actually working as a DevOp at UNLP and I have my own company called Mikroways, through which you could hire me.

For any additional details about me professionally speaking, you could check out my LinkedIn profile or my CV (which are only available in Spanish for now…).

You could also check out my Github profile and, if anything there is of your interest, it will be nice to receive your contributions.

Now what?

Just get lost in the posts of this blog. If you’re lucky enough you may found something interesting around there.