Here I am, sitting in front of my computer, starting another blog… But this time is different for many reasons, as detailed below.

  • This is not Wordpress, which was (and still is for many sites) my blogging platform of choice. Instead, I’m currently using Jekyll which I’m starting to love.
  • I am not writing this with a slow web-based WYSIWYG or HTML editor, but with the command-line best editor ever (vim) and in a plain text file.
  • No more plugins, extensive css, js or PHP files to follow, understand and edit to have a site that looks and behaves the way I want. Instead, simple Ruby code and some sass are going to be my allies from now on.
  • And… no Spanish this time. That will be the second of my two challenges. The first one will be to write some interesting stuff (not like this one I hope).

If you’d like to see any of the stuff I’ve written before you’d better go to a psychologist. If you’ve talked about this with your psychologist and for some reason are still interested then you could visit Mikroways website which is my IT company or you could also visit my personal pictures website (apart from nerdish stuff I also love travelling and taking pictures).

And finally, you can always follow me on any of the five thousands social networks profiles I have. Some of them are: