I’m writing this post on the plane which is taking me, my parents and my youngest sister from Buenos Aires to Paris. We’ve been on the plane for about five hours now and we have another eight hours left, but we’re getting closer to Paris, we’re getting there! And that fact made me reflect on the objectives I have in my life and whether I’m getting closer to meet them or not.

Very often I feel overwhelmed looking forward because there’s too much I want to do, too much I wish to accomplish, too many objectives I’d like to fulfill. That partial vision makes it difficult to appreciate everything I’ve done. But when I’m able to change my pace of life I usually look back, just to realize how much I’ve achieved, how many of my goals I’ve completed and how, some of those long term objectives are closer to be reached than were a year ago. And suddenly I start feeling much better.

In conclusion, I think it’s extremely important to give oneself the chance to have a retrospective look at one’s life, not to live on the past but to value the effort made and be aware of its results. That way is easier to be enthusiast about the future and gain the necessary energies to move forward. There isn’t a formula to be able to stop and look back; I think, instead, that each one must find it’s own way. For me, for example, it’s travelling. And so, here I am.